ZAA Board of Directors

Holly Hunt, Chair  |  African Safari Wildlife Park

Holly Hunt has been with International Animal Exchange (IAE) since birth. IAE is a family affair. Holly is now the President of the company founded by her father, Brian Hunt, and uncles in 1960. She and her father, Brian, also own a ZAA-accredited drive-thru safari park near the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio. This 46-year-old establishment has housed more than 400 exotic and domestic animals since its inception. Holly is the President of this facility. In her many years with IAE and African Safari Wildlife Park, she has held positions ranging from file clerk to government affairs and from permit writer to marketing and animal transport attendant.

Holly earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Hillsdale College and MBA from the University of Detroit. As an owner of IAE/African Safari, she regularly consults with zoos, regulators, and scientists on improving animal regulations, welfare, nutrition, exhibits, and conservation. She has worked closely with government agencies around the US and the world to establish dialogue that promotes global conservation initiatives through compromise, cooperation, and best practices. In more recent years, Holly has begun fostering interns and speaking at classes at Michigan State.

Betsey Brewer Bethel, Vice-Chair  |  Southwick's Zoo

Betsey Brewer Bethel is the Vice President of Southwick’s Zoo and CEO of EARTH Ltd (Environmental Awareness of Resources and Threatened Habitats), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located at Southwick’s Zoo. She has been an Executive at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA for more than 30 years and founded EARTH in 1999. Dedicated to, and educated in, animal behavior and wildlife conservation, Betsey has given thousands of lectures to audiences of all age groups. She holds a B.A. degree from Wheaton College and a M.A. degree in Wildlife Conservation from Vermont College of Norwich University. She has worked with many television and radio programs, including “Growing Up Camel” for Animal Planet. Betsey has published research on hand-reared monkeys and behavior, as well as research and survey results on the use of rhino horn in Asian cultures.

Being extremely passionate about rhinos, Betsey developed the “Rhino Encounters” program in 2014 for Southwick’s Zoo in support of EARTH Ltd. and rhino conservation. A Rhino Encounter is an hour-long session of facts about rhino conservation, a video clip and a hands-on experience meeting the zoo’s resident rhinos, Thelma and Louise. It is Betsey’s hope to create an awareness about these amazing creatures while encouraging a passion to save all 5-rhino species. In 2017, Betsey traveled to Southern China to help develop a similar rhino encounter experience with the Sun River Wildlife Park in Pu’er, China, where they house seven white rhinos. She feels it is invaluable to continue this important communication with the staff at Sun River, as well as make other connections with wildlife facilities located around the globe.

Kayte Hogan, Treasurer  |  ZooWorld

Kayte Hogan is an 18 year veteran in the zoological industry and has experience in both the private and public sectors. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Organismal Biology. Her career began at Busch Gardens-Tampa where she worked her way through the ranks from guest services to animal care. Continuing her career, she sought out a variety of positions at several zoos, gaining experiences that run the gamut from grounds keeper to curator.

Settling in Florida, Kayte held the position of director at Gulf Breeze Zoo during its transformation period in 2010. These experiences prepared her for her current and most fulfilling endeavor as the Co-Owner/Chief Executive Officer of ZooWorld Zoological Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. Kayte and her family acquired ZooWorld in 2014 and have increased attendance by 100% each year and have just completed the first phase in a major zoo wide renovation plan. ZooWorld is a five acre park that is home to over 250 animals, specializing in interactive exhibits and experiences.

Marcia Woodard, Secretary  |  Montgomery Zoo

Marcia Woodard, Zoo Director, Montgomery Zoo. Marcia is originally from Northeast Ohio where she received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Youngstown State University. Marcia was raised on a farm in Northeast Ohio where she began her love of animals. Marcia worked for a manufacturing corporation in Northeast Ohio as the International Marketing Director for 10 years before relocating to Montgomery Alabama. Marcia has been employed with the City of Montgomery Zoo for over 30 years. She has held various positions at the Montgomery Zoo and was promoted to Zoo Director in early 2018, a career goal of hers. Marcia has been involved with seeing the Montgomery Zoo grow from six acres to 42 acres and adding many animals and exhibits, including elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, bears and various hoof stock, etc. Currently the Montgomery Zoo is going through a masterplan development and building a new front entrance complex. Marcia is a member of the Zoological Association of America and serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. She also sits on the conference committee and participates in animal management and conservation programs. Marcia is widowed and has one daughter, one son, one stepdaughter and five grandchildren. Marcia enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, especially her five beautiful grandchildren.

Jim Andelin  |  Metro Richmond Zoo

Jim Andelin has been in the zoo business for over 33 years and is the founder and director of the Metro Richmond Zoo in Richmond, Virginia. The zoo sits on 150 acres and is home to over 2000 animals representing 190 species. Jim joined ZAA in its first year of organization and has been an active supporter since.

Jim is currently serving on the Code of Conduct Committee and the AMP/Conservation Committee, and as AMP Species Manager for African Penguins. Jim and his wife Sherry have been married for 39 years and are proud of their 7 children and 16 grandchildren.

Matt Fouts  |  Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Matt Fouts is the son of Jim and Sherri Fouts, the owners of Tanganyika Wildlife Park. He grew up in Goddard, KS and graduated from Goddard High School. He earned two undergraduate degrees from Fort Hays State University: a Bachelors of Business Administration – Marketing and a Bachelors of Business Administration – Computer Information Systems. He finished his academic career with a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from Wichita State University in 2005. He is married to his wife, Lisa, and they have three children: Luke, Clare, and Anna. 

Matt has grown up around animals his entire life and boasts over 35 years of experience working with exotic and endangered animals. As a child, Matt would assist his mother with feeding and caring for baby animals. He has worked as a keeper for hoof stock, carnivores, primates, etc. and assisted in the design and construction of Tanganyika Wildlife Park. He frequently takes animals on local news stations and has made appearances with Jack Hanna on national TV shows from Los Angeles to New York City. He speaks to numerous local organizations regarding Tanganyika and the importance of preservation. He has filled the role of Assistant Director at Tanganyika Wildlife Park since its opening in 2008 and was recently promoted to Director where he oversees all aspects of the daily operations and long-term strategy.

Michael Fouraker  |  Fort Worth Zoo

Mike Fouraker inadvertently began his career in 1971 in concessions at the Chilhowie Park Zoo before it became the Knoxville Zoo. In addition to working a side job transporting exotic animals (and race horses), he served in many roles at the Knoxville Zoo, including keeper, marine animal trainer, associate director, and finally interim zoo director before leaving to accept the position of animal programs director at the Fort Worth Zoo in 1993. Mike's experience with carnivores led to conservation field work in India with Asiatic lions, wolves in North America, and lions and cheetahs in Africa. Today he is still active in the field with Caribbean species and habitat conservation with a focus on head starting and reintroduction programs.

Mike currently serves on the board of the International Elephant and Rhino Foundations (IEF & IRF), The Caribbean Wildlife (CWA) and Turtle Survival (TSA) Alliances, and the IUCN Iguana Specialists Group. Past appointments include the IUCN Conservation Breeding Group, the UNESCO Scientific Advisory Committee and the Aquarium and Zoo Associations board of directors, among others. Mike became the executive director of the Fort Worth Zoo in 2001, and is proud to see the zoo continually named in the Top Five and Top Ten Zoos in the Nation by various publications, including Zagat's Family Travel Guide.

mike kerr  |  nova wild

Mike Kerr is a veteran of the zoological industry, having grown up working in his family’s many endeavors. His professional career has spanned both the private and public sectors in keeper and supervisor levels. Mike is dedicated to forward-thinking animal management and is vocal about supporting the zoological industry. 

Mike is currently the CEO of NOVA Wild in Reston, VA.

susan kleven  |  frank buck zoo

Having co-owned/operated a wildlife education outreach organization in DFW for 17 years prior to becoming the Director of the City of Gainesville’s, Frank Buck Zoo in 2004, Susan has had one foot firmly planted in the private sector and the other in the public sector. Susan both understands and values collaboration between private and public sector. She has overseen a major expansion of the zoo, doubling the footprint, number of staff, animal collection and taking it from a free zoo to a fee zoo. Susan has received extensive emergency management training (FEMA NIMS & HAZWOPER) and experience. She is currently serving on ZDR3’s board of directors.

Susan and her staff at the Frank Buck Zoo have been instrumental in beta testing and development of AnimalCare Software’s measurements and animal welfare templates to provide a user friendly tool to enhance decision making, documentation and communication capabilities industry wide. Susan is a strong advocate for husbandry training for cooperative care and staff professional development.

Dr. eric trager  |  animal world & snake farm zoo

Dr. Eric Trager is originally from the Greater Boston area; he was then raised in both Southern California and Dallas, Texas. Currently, Eric is a dedicated leader and successful entrepreneur who resides in New Braunfels, Texas. Eric has had diverse business interests from specialty and general contracting, to founding and operating medical facilities. These and similar business endeavors have allowed Eric the means to make his primary interest in education and conservation in the zoological field a priority.

Eric is currently the Executive Director of Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo.

Jarod Munzer  |  Cougar Mountain zOO

Jarod Munzer is a 20 year veteran in the zoological industry. Currently he is in his sixth year as Director of Cougar Mountain Zoological Park, which has been accredited by ZAA since 2006. 

Jarod is committed to the growth and future of ZAA. He has served the organization as a member of the Membership Committee for three years, one of those as Committee Chair. Since 2019, he has served on the Accreditation Committee and has been an integral part in updating the organization's Accreditation Standards which are essential for ZAA to be recognized as one of the leading zoological organizations.

As of January 2023, Jarod has been serving as the Co-Chair of the Accreditation Committee. His assessments and contributions are done with thought and integrity while looking ahead to ensure a future of promise for ZAA and its Members and Accredited Facilities.

ZAA staff

Dr. Kelly George  |  executive director

Prior to accepting this new position, Dr. George was an associate professor – professional practice at her alma mater, the Ohio State University, where she co-led the Center for Human–Animal Interactions Research & Education within the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for five years; was a faculty member of the Department of Animal Sciences for seven years; mentored and advised student researchers; and traveled extensively to develop international colleagues in academia and the zoological community.

Dr. George is also a founding partner of the KUZO Group, a firm that provides animal-welfare, behavior and training consultation services to zoological facilities; a member of the Wendy’s Animal Welfare Council; a member of the Managerial Advisory Board for WorthWild Africa, a conservation nonprofit organization; and the chair of ZAA’s Animal Welfare Committee. She has coauthored multiple publications (with an additional three currently in peer review) and delivered numerous conference presentations since 2014.

Through her research, Dr. George has explored the human–animal relationship with a focus on welfare and behavior, specifically the application of animal-welfare principles in managed environments and the effects of human empathy, personal ethics and value orientations on decisions regarding the treatment and management of animals.

Sarah Haskins  |  Administrative Coordinator

A native of northeast Tennessee, Sarah has been working in administration and conference management for over six years. Prior to accepting her position at ZAA, she worked as the Executive Assistant of a well-known author and popular keynote speaker. In her free time she reads, hikes, and works as a lab and field volunteer at her local fossil site.

Tatiana Jourdan  |  Membership Coordinator

Tatiana is a French-American native Oregonian. She started her animal welfare journey at 15 years old volunteering in the animal care department at the local humane society. Wanting to continue working with animals in a professional setting, she moved to Colorado to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Colorado State University. Looking to get more business knowledge, she received a Master’s in Business Administration from UC Denver and is currently finishing her Professional Science Master’s in Zoo Management at Colorado State University. She has worked at multiple nonprofit organizations in development, events, website development, communications, and Human Resources. Outside of animal welfare, Tatiana enjoys many outdoor activities and loves traveling and learning about diverse cultures.

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